About Us


We are Lauren & Nate, the founders and operators of Locus Australia. Typically you'd find us teaching in a classroom, but we have another mutal love and that is: getting outdoors! We cannot get enough of our beautiful east coast beaches and Nate will take any chance he can to get out in the surf.

How did Locus begin? Nate was sick of finding his surfboard wax melted and sandy in the bottom of his wetty tub...getting on everything. With Lauren's business experience & creativity and Nate's passion for finding practical solutions to life's biggest problems, Australia's first all-silicone surfwax container was born. Gone are the days of soggy cardboard boxes, one-use plastics and wax melting into your kit.

We're so stoked to be able to run Locus from our home on the Central Coast, NSW. Thank you for supporting local small business!